Washing Instructions

Screen printed t-shirts have a print that can last for years, since the ink becomes a part of the garment, not just imprinted on them. However, it is recommended that you treat your screen printed garments with care to ensure the print quality.

  • Always wash your garments inside-out with a mild detergent.
  • For the first 2 washes, it is recommended to wash by hand in cold water
  • Use low-temperature wash cycle program only (we recommend 90 degrees Fahrenheit maximum)
  • If possible, avoid drying your screen printed t-shirts in a dryer, as this type of drying can damage the screen printing. Instead, air dries the shirts to retain the imprinting.
  • Iron your screen printed garments inside-out. This helps maintain the structural integrity of the imprint.
  • When washing light colored garments, the imprint may fade a little. When washing garments at high temperature (and yes, 105 degrees Fahrenheit is too hot), the possibility of imprint/garment fading increases.

Ironing Your Screen Printed Garments:

  • Iron your screen printed garments inside-out.  This helps maintain the structural integrity of the imprint.
  • To help extend the life of the garment, try ironing your garment between two pieces of cloth.
  • It is not recommended to apply moisture or steam to your screen printed garment prior to ironing.

Dry Cleaning:

  • Screen printed garments may be dry cleaned, however, please excercise extreme caution when dry cleaning.  Special care must be taken when dark shades are dry cleaned and avoid using pre-spotting agents.



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